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Brew is a simple brew log and reference manual for crafting and tracking your best cups of coffee.

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First and foremost, Brew is a convenient reference source for making coffee.

  • Use Brew as your personal handbook for crafting the perfect cup.
  • Keep straight the differences in bloom time and steep time and water-to-coffee ratio and grind size for all of your different coffee brewers.
  • Learn about new brewing methods like Aeropress, Chemex, and vacuum pots, along with the perfect recipes for each.

Brew can also help you keep track of every pot and cup.

  • Create your free account to keep track of all the important variables in your brew method.
  • Maintain a persistent history of your favorite beans and flavor profiles.
  • Rate every cup so you can see whether that new recipe is too full-bodied, or just right.

Let Brew be your go-to source for all things coffee.

  • Made with mobile devices in mind, Brew works perfectly as an app-like webpage. Just save a shortcut to Brew on your phone's main screen and have the power of Brew and your BrewLog always on the ready.
  • Brew is also open-source, so feel free to not only tweak your coffee, but Brew's source code as well.

Pick Your Poison

Brew Methods


Called "one of the best-designed products of modern times". Also makes a clean cup of coffee.


The classic coffee press, perfect for a full-bodied cup with no hassle.


This "small machine" is a staple in Europe and makes a concentrated, espresso-like coffee.

Hario V60

Darling of brew bars, the Hario V60 offers great control over brewing extraction.


For those that desire an alchemical approach to coffee—and a clean cup.


The result of its creator's coffee obsession, the Aeropress is the French Press's littler, more discerning cousin.